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Trademark Search

Our experienced professionals utilize advanced AI algorithms to provide you with a thorough and reliable trademark clearance search.


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Our highly detailed & error-free search report is delivered to you via email, ensuring reliable & efficient trademark research.

Why Choose Us?

Our powerful artificial intelligence-driven tools employ a comprehensive search that goes beyond basic search techniques. The process not only looks for expected results but also digs deeper by scanning for variations in the spelling, typos, and other intentional misspellings. All the necessary information is obtained without fail: our innovative approach guarantees reliable results every time.

Looking to get your trademark researched in detail? We use an advanced algorithm to save you time and money, so none of your efforts are in vain! With our help, you'll be sure to get the most successful results.

  • Advanced AI & Manual Search Expertise
  • Domestic and International Search
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search Report

What Makes Trademark Searches Important?

The USPTO reports that nearly 20% of applications are denied due to similarity with an existing mark. Protect it from rejection with a trademark search.


Save Time

It protects your business from potential legal complications in the future by avoiding time-consuming processes.


Save Money

Filing and registration can be costly. Make sure you don’t waste it with a trademark search.


Avoid Rejection

It can help ensure the uniqueness of your business logo and reduce the risk of potential legal conflicts.


Discover Our Selection of Affordable Packages

Secure the future of your business with our top-of-the-line Comprehensive Search packages.

Most Popular

Federal & State Search


Key Features:
  • Federal trademark search to find similar names, logos, or slogans
  • State search similar to federal search, but for all 50 states
  • Detailed search report
  • 24/7 Customer support

Federal, State &
Common Law


All features included in Federal & State search PLUS:
  • Corporate name search in all 50 states
  • Corporate directories search
  • Common law trademark search

Global Search


All features included in Federal, State & Common Law PLUS:
  • Domain name search to see any infringements
  • Global trademark search in multinational jurisdictions, including EU and WIPO

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Trademark is a company that can surely be relied on. They helped us get our trademark registered for our brand. In addition, I approached their monitoring service, and the results have been impressive. Thank you!

Max Brooks Assistant Manager at Metroplex

Brent made the trademark search report process very easy for me. He’s very efficient and effective in his work, providing detailed and balanced analysis. He ensured that my trademark was distinct and consulted us every step of the way.

Ria Matthew CEO at Café Click

The service was quick and hassle-free, and all of my questions were answered promptly. I found Trademark Gen to be sincere, honest, and efficient in handling copyright registration and drafting an immaculate office action response.

Martha Tran President at Curious

Comprehensive Trademark Search FAQs

  • What is a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

    A Trademark Search Report provides a comprehensive overview of available trademarks. It is a vital tool for those searching to register an original trademark and ensure no others are similar. This in-depth report contains all the necessary information for successful registration.

  • What if another person has a similar mark?

  • What is an invalidation procedure?

  • What is required for a Comprehensive Search?

  • What is a preliminary Trademark Search?

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starting at $49 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.


starting at $49 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.