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Why Do We Need to Register Copyright?

Registration of a copyright confirms your legal ownership of the work, publicizes your claim to it, and gives you the advantage if you ever face an infringement case. Furthermore, registration increases the chances for success in court and entitles you to seek financial compensation from any violators.
Do you want to get your work protected? Then registration is a must-have! Registering as early as possible can be quite the time and cost saver if you ever find yourself in an infringement situation.

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Trademark is a company that can surely be relied on. They helped us get our trademark registered for our brand. In addition, I approached their monitoring service, and the results have been impressive. Thank you!

Max Brooks Assistant Manager at Metroplex

Brent made the trademark search report process very easy for me. He’s very efficient and effective in his work, providing detailed and balanced analysis. He ensured that my trademark was distinct and consulted us every step of the way.

Ria Matthew CEO at Café Click

The service was quick and hassle-free, and all of my questions were answered promptly. I found Trademark Gen to be sincere, honest, and efficient in handling copyright registration and drafting an immaculate office action response.

Martha Tran President at Curious

Copyright Registration FAQs

  • What is copyright?

    Copyright serves as a vessel for protecting the rights of authorship that creators are entitled to under U.S. law, regardless of the medium or expression used. This applies to published and unpublished works, giving them all the same recognition and protection throughout their duration.

  • Does the copyright cover name and titles?

  • Why should you submit a copyright certification request?

  • Can I update the information after registering?

  • Why should I approach an agency rather than a law firm?

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starting at $49 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.


starting at $49 only

Register your trademark and save yourself from the risk of losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits and rebranding efforts.